Milwaukee Eight VTC M8 Stage 1

The stage 1 consists of installing an appropriate exhaust, either a full system or slip on mufflers, depending on the power characteristics and riding style required. Air cleaners also give a surprising benefit, but not all are equal. This is enough for some owners, but if you are considering upgrading to a stage 2 or higher in the future, then please let us guide you with your choices, as the Milwaukee Eight engine is very sensitive to exhaust choice, particularly where a different camshaft becomes part of the equation. We tune the bike with the excellent Techno Research Direct Link system, and this is available as a licence to minimise cost. If the bike requires further tuning later, due to additional upgrades , there is no need to purchase another license as it remains assigned to the bike.

  • M8 Exhaust
  • M8 High Flow air cleaner
  • M8 Installation
  • M8 Tuning licence
  • M8 Dyno tune

Harley Davidson Milwaukee Eight - Stage Tuning